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Really, isn't 'most everything an issue? Our food, our health, housing, recreation, our bodies, our self-identity and our family life. The list goes on.

As our State Representative, I am working for equity in our infrastructure, to address healthy living environments, ensure accessibility, and to give our cities the funding and resources necessary to provide a good quality of life for residents. 



Whether it's reproductive rights, gender or sexual identity, or our abilities -- we have the right of our own bodies and to make individual health and lifestyle choices.  We all deserve access to proper and affordable healthcare; no one's physical or mental health should suffer from stigma or oppression or inaccessibility to healthcare.


Regarding reproductive rights. This week's Supreme Court decision abolishing Roe v Wade is a smite of women and girls. It is the criminalization of hope. It is the criminalization of our bodies, with the expressed intent to further deny the existence and truth of a human body and being. What we’ve come to expect from radical rightwing extremists is now mirrored in the Supreme Court of the United States. I will work for our rights to self-determination and equality.

I will propose legislation that guarantees equitable and equal rights for our own bodies, and work to overturn laws that obstruct these rights.



I recently saw a Twitter tweet: "accessibility isn't extra steps, it's steps you've missed". I completely agree and take that to heart in legislating. 


I believe in equal rights for all, no matter the difference in personal capabilities. It's one of the reasons I've created this website to meet American Accessibility Standards 2.0 level AA and why I also use transcripts in online meetings.


But "disabilities" goes beyond sight and sound. Another concern includes affordable and accessible medical care and lower medicine and prescription costs. (Last year's auto insurance law had dire medical consequences on people who have, or will have, lifelong medical disabilities due to auto accidents; seniors often need specialized skilled and longterm home care; etc.) No one's mental or physical health should suffer because of lack of medicine.

Acknowledgement of people with disabilities includes city infrastructure and planning.

These are all issues that need to be inherent in any legislation.



State and federal funded programs for building affordable housing are useful as a bandaid; we need to address the broader concern of keeping rental housing and new home purchases affordable, and help homeowners keep and maintain their homes.


Michigan House Bill 4722 is waiting for Senate approval -- it favors short-term (less than 30 days) rentals and limits a city's capacity for regulating rental properties; the domino effect is increased competition for long-term housing and the price hikes that go along with it (and resulting homelessness). Targeted funding for home maintenance helps homeowners on fixed incomes stay in their homes and maintains neighborhood property values. Taxation recalculations can encourage homeownership without fear of overwhelming uncapped property taxes and prevent home foreclosures (no one should lose their home because of difficulty paying property taxes). According to the U.S. Census, approximately one-third of Detroit residents, 20% of Harper Woods residents, and 7% of St. Clair Shores residents live below the poverty line -- which leads to unstable and insecure housing (among other things) for our neighbors.


As your State Representative, I'll take action to prevent homelessness, make housing affordable, and safeguard home ownership.



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Thanks to Citizen Detroit for candidate videos keeping Michigan voters informed. Watch their videos of candidates for State Representative and State Senate at

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