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My take on some current issues

Really, isn't 'most everything an issue? Our food, our health, housing, recreation, our bodies, our self-identity and our family life. The list goes on.

As our next State Representative, I will propose legislation that ensures our infrastructure addresses a healthy living environment inside and outside of our homes. I will work to give our cities the funding and resources necessary to provide a good quality of life for its residents. I will propose legislation to ensure accessibility in both environment and place. I will work for good healthcare for all (universal healthcare is best). I will work for jobs and employment (no "right to work" legislation). And all of this and more with a progressive agenda.

We should all stand at the same starting line.

Our Bodies, Ourselves

I will propose legislation that guarantees our equal rights to represent our own bodies, and work to overturn laws that obstruct these rights.

Whether it's reproductive rights, gender or sexual identity, or our abilities -- we have the right of our own bodies and to make individual health and lifestyle choices.  We all deserve access to proper and affordable healthcare; no one's physical or mental health should suffer from inaccessibility or stigma or oppression.

Eco Infrastructure

I believe in environmental justice and will propose legislation that replaces our aging infrastructure and city planning with environmental responsibility in mind; I believe in public accessibility to nature, good stewardship of our lands and waterways, and renewable energy.

As our cities' infrastructure ages and declines, we have new opportunities to  work towards better better and innovative climate resilience by using eco and green infrastructure when designing and building for an environmentally better quality of life.

Disability Advocacy

I believe in equal rights for all, no matter the difference in personal capabilities. It's one of the reasons I've created this website to meet American Accessibility Standards 2.0 level AA. I will work to ensure that architectural codes and city planning include infrastructure that addresses accessibility concerns.

I recently saw a Twitter tweet: "accessibility isn't extra steps, it's steps you've missed". I completely agree and take that to heart in legislating.

Public Safety

The better we take care of our first responders, the better they can take care of us. Let's be safe and secure. I will work for that win-win.

There is a shortage throughout Michigan of first responders -- police and firefighters. So much so that last year a bipartisan group of legislators voted to form a task force to investigate why. It's not all about money. Contributing issues are first responders' personal safety, better than adequate working conditions and equipment, and negative public impressions.

Workers Rights

Just like with our first responders, we need to take care of all our workers so they can take care of us. I will work to overturn "right to work" legislation and work for a truly "livable" wage and benefits, employee safety and working conditions.

Blue collar workers are the foundation of society; they work in construction, food and farming, manufacturing, healthcare, and service industries. They deserve to be recognized and justly compensated for their important work, and they should have a safe working environment.

Municipal Self-Determination

I believe a City should have a say in what's best for its residents, and I will work for our cities to have the autonomy needed to provide the best for their residents.


Over the past few years, our Representatives in State government have written legislation to override our cities' standing ordinances, leaving your city unable to provide what's best for you because of partisan self interest.  (Example: one particular piece of housing legislation awaiting Senate approval  is detrimental to public schools, affordable housing, code enforcement, public safety, and municipal self-determination! All wrapped up into one big snowball rolling downhill and about to crash into your city! Another example: legislation passed in 2021 requires your city to give a permit to any business that wants to put a gravel pit in your city.)

You should have a say in how your city provides for you.

Municipal Finance

I will work to not take money away from our cities.


A good deal of State legislation affects the monies your city has and can put to use for services. For years, Michigan shared less revenue with its municipalities than any state in the country.  Detroit, Harper Woods, and St. Clair Shores residents suffered for lack of  millions of dollars. Legislation has been passed that inadvertently lowers a city's revenue; I will work for our State to reimburse our cities.

Fair Wages, Fair Pay

Wages we can live with.


Earlier this year, our legislators approved a $9.87 per hour minimum wage, with the projected minimum wage set at $11.54 in 2031. However, Michigan minimum wage increases only if there is an 8.5%. It's a damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you-don't situation for workers. Also, according to the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, 

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